We have been keeping animals on the farm since we opened in 1981 and feel they are an improtant aspect of farming. They allow us to use parts of the farm which are unsuitable for cropping. They help improve the health of the soil by adding nutrients so we don't have to use as many artificial fertilisers and they also help increase the fields biodiversity.

Red Poll cattle
As champions of local produce and provenance, we've replaced our original Highland Cattle herd with Red Poll cattle, the traditional Suffolk and Norfolk breed which is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Farmed for its good quality beef as well as dairy, and recognisable from its deep red hide with white touches on the tail and udder, our herd has also produced several new calves this spring.

Free-range hens

All our free-range hens are the Traditional Lohmann breed which is a hardy hybrid which lays brown eggs. The eggs are for sale in the farm shop throughout the year.


Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs

Two beautiful young sows (Dolly and Molly) have recently joined us on the farm, and once they are old enough we hope to breed from them. The Gloucestershire Old Spot has a lovely nature and they have big floppy ears which completely cover their eyes.



Indian Runner Ducks

These ducks were hatched here at Alder Carr Farm, in an incubator this summer and are being kept safe from the fox in their enclosure.  They are very entertaining to watch as they stand upright and like to all run together.  Unlike other breeds of ducks they don't need quite as much water,  just enough to play in and get their heads wet.  The females will start laying eggs in the spring, which will be available to purchase from the farm shop.



Norfolk Blacks and Buff Turkeys

Many breeds of Turkey, including the Buff Turkey, are an endangered breed and by choosing to keep them we are helping to keep the breed alive.