Ever since we started the business in 1981 we have always been passionate about our environment. We have always 'made-do and mend, reduced, reused and recycled', farm machinery was bought second-hand and anything we have had to buy new had the best possible energy and efficiency ratings. For every purchase we think about its effect on the environment.

All farm electricity is from 100% renewable sources and the farm shop is heated with an air-source heat pump. New buildings are insulated to the highest standard. We are working with CRed, the Suffolk Carbon Reduction Programme, to minimise our energy use and carbon emissions.

Buying Policy
We have a strict buying policy; sourcing firstly from the farm or locally, then from the UK or Europe and only internationally if fair-trade or organic. Palm oil is being eliminated where possible.

The Future of Farming
With the effects of climate change now becoming so dramatically evident we have begun to think even more seriously about how we can move forward for the future. With the end of oil supplies thought to be nearing their peak we need to take more drastic action to keep farming into the future. We already farm in a manner sympathetic to the environment and feel farmers have an important role in shaping our countryside, we leave many areas untouched for wildlife and manage the farm under Defra's Environmental Stewardship Scheme. The Alder Carr - an area of wet woodland - is an official SWT Otter haven. Over 70 bird and 250 plant species have been recorded. We farm using organic principles for soil management and biological control of pests, only using pesticides when unavoidable. Our flock of hens are free range and traditional meadows are grazed by Highland cattle to enhance their biodiversity.

Firstly we try to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Of the waste we do produce we recycle as much as possible. Our glass and cardboard is collected for recycling. All food waste is composted or fed to our livestock. We have a recycling centre on site so our customers can recycle too. The money rasied from this is donated to the World Land Trust.

Office Supplies
All the stationary we use is 100% recycled or comes from sustainable sources. We re-use as much scrap paper as we can and use biodegradable cellotape!

Packaging and Chemicals
We use biodegradable packaging for most of our own products, where it is available and sell reusable jute and Onya bags and give customers recycled paper bags instead of plastic. We use ecological cleaning products to clean the farm shop, tearoom, production kitchen and toilets.